God Hasn’t Forgotten You

You can plan out your life all you want, but God can do anything at any moment to change your plans—and it will turn out better than you imagined. I can’t say this weekend started off well. I’ve been struggling with feeling homesick for the first time since I moved out a year and a … Continue reading God Hasn’t Forgotten You


Passion 2017: The Most Important Thing I Learned

Exactly a week ago at this time I was preparing to attend the final day of Passion 2017. Passion is a conference for 18-25 year olds that takes place near the first of the year. Big name speakers and bands set out to encourage our generation and to make Jesus known. We are there for … Continue reading Passion 2017: The Most Important Thing I Learned

When Going Home Hurts

Last summer, I lived in a different city for an internship. On a short weekend home, when I didn't have anything to do and my friends seemed to be busy, I was scrolling through various social media accounts. I came across a video of my friends hanging out at a pool. The video was no … Continue reading When Going Home Hurts

Carrots and Mayonnaise

“Never in my life did I think I would spread mayonnaise with a carrot!” my young friend exclaimed. We were on the road for at least an hour before I remembered that we brought stuff to make sandwiches but nothing to spread the condiments. On Friday, July 15th, my four friends and I loaded up … Continue reading Carrots and Mayonnaise

Pain Can Be a Blessing

On March 13, 2012, I had my fourth and final lung surgery. I completely forgot about this anniversary until a worship song in church reminded me of it. When I was in the hospital, and even sometimes when I am just having pain at home, I literally have to depend on God for the next … Continue reading Pain Can Be a Blessing