Serving = Sacrifice

Recently, although I've been attending church in the town I live in, I've also been listening to sermons from one of the churches I've  gone to the past couple years. This particular sermon series is about generosity. For me, it stood out because it discusses generosity in more than just financial terms. God has been convicting me … Continue reading Serving = Sacrifice


The Task Before You

I was at the rock wall last week and while taking a break, analyzing the wall the next wall to climb, a guy sat down next to me and introduced himself. We were talking for a few minutes about climbing, then eventually moved into the basic college student conversation about our major, year, future plans, … Continue reading The Task Before You

Test Anxiety

I have pretty bad test anxiety. During tests, it's like something in my brain stops working. My heart pounds as I stare at questions I know I studied the answers to, but if I didn't study it extensively I probably won't remember the little detail I need to answer it correctly. I had to take … Continue reading Test Anxiety

Am I Where God Wants Me?

Starting graduate school has been such a blessing and an amazing experience, but it has been difficult. During the first few weeks, one question kept coming to mind. Why am I here? Going between several Bible classes with little background in those specific areas was overwhelming. All I wanted was to be sitting in an … Continue reading Am I Where God Wants Me?

New Adventures and Their Complications

I’ve moved six times in the last two years. The most recent being earlier this week. Typically, before I move, I have so much anxiety and excitement about it that I can hardly sleep the night before. It’s always the worst when I make a bigger move, like when I moved from home to college, … Continue reading New Adventures and Their Complications

Don’t Limit God

As I reflect on this summer, I can see how important it is that I don’t limit God. Being human and more type A than I want to be, I love plans. I enjoy making plans, having plans, and following those plans to completion. What I don’t enjoy is when things come up and disrupt … Continue reading Don’t Limit God

Finding Your Calling

When I was starting to think about college, I got to the point where I felt like I was standing in the middle of an intersection that split a million different ways. The options were endless, but all I wanted was to know what direction God wanted me to take. Not just the school, but … Continue reading Finding Your Calling


Magnificent. The word is not powerful enough to describe God. No words can describe God. No scene, setting, picture, art—nothing, absolutely nothing, can describe God and His greatness. We cannot comprehend it—God’s love, glory, beauty. It is beyond what our human minds can handle. On the way home from vacation with my family, my mom … Continue reading Magnificent

How You Get There

Several years ago, my brother and I got into a conversation about what kind of cars we wanted in the future. He carried on about the specifics (all over my head) and talked about how great he would feel in his dream car. “I just want something that will get me safely from point A … Continue reading How You Get There

Why We Don’t Need Answers

I was driving home after visiting my parents for the holiday weekend when I started praying about some things I haven’t been able to get my mind off lately. I didn’t know what to pray, so I just told God how I feel which led to questions as to what He’s doing in a couple … Continue reading Why We Don’t Need Answers