Are You Pruning Me, Lord?

I scrolled through old pictures on my phone. I brushed tears from my hot cheek and pushed myself into a sitting position on my bed. Photos of my friends from the past few years brought back sweet memories of times that seem like they were so long ago, but the pictures are scattered between others … Continue reading Are You Pruning Me, Lord?


God Keeps Messing With My Plans

There is one question it seems most high school and college students hate, but it is the one they're probably asked the most: What are your plans after you graduate? I'll be honest, throughout school, I loved to be asked this question. My peers would groan and tell me how uncomfortable this question made them … Continue reading God Keeps Messing With My Plans

The Effects of the Storm

A few weeks ago, I stepped out of the bathroom and looked up to my bedroom window. All I could see was a white sheet of rain.* In awe, I stepped closer and looked out. I could hardly see the cars in the parking lot below. The trees lining the sidewalk bowed under the weight … Continue reading The Effects of the Storm

Serving = Sacrifice

Recently, although I've been attending church in the town I live in, I've also been listening to sermons from one of the churches I've  gone to the past couple years. This particular sermon series is about generosity. For me, it stood out because it discusses generosity in more than just financial terms. God has been convicting me … Continue reading Serving = Sacrifice

The Task Before You

I was at the rock wall last week and while taking a break, analyzing the wall the next wall to climb, a guy sat down next to me and introduced himself. We were talking for a few minutes about climbing, then eventually moved into the basic college student conversation about our major, year, future plans, … Continue reading The Task Before You

Removing the Pressures

As a busy grad student, I decided this semester I would work on procrastinating less but, at the same time, having a set morning routine that includes things like reading the Bible and writing (for my novel). This is something I started over break and it has been going surprisingly well—except on Sundays. In addition … Continue reading Removing the Pressures

My New Year’s Goals

I'm using the word "goals" because "resolutions" seems to imply that I've decided what I'm going to do differently this new year. However, since I know I'm going to fail at times, I'd rather refer to them as goals because it's something to strive toward; this will help me not be so hard on myself … Continue reading My New Year’s Goals

Christmas Break: A Time to Rest, But Not to Waste

Not all colleges give a long Christmas break, but if yours is like mine, you might have a month or more off! Breaks are needed after a long semester, but when I have this much time off, I want to accomplish more than just catch up on TV shows. For me, managing my time is … Continue reading Christmas Break: A Time to Rest, But Not to Waste


I'm the type of person who never wants to take time to rest. About a week ago, I arrived home from my first semester of graduate school. I was looking forward to the long break ahead, and I couldn't wait to get started on my to-do list. After the eleven hour drive home, I was … Continue reading Rest

Too Busy to Write?

It's November! To all the writers out there, it's that time of the year again! In case you haven't heard, November is national novel writing month (or NaNoWriMo), so if you've been wanting to write a novel, now is the time to do it! The goal of NaNoWriMo is exactly what it says, to write … Continue reading Too Busy to Write?