Write What You’re Passionate About

The cursor on your blank computer screen blinks. It’s teasing you and you’re sure it’s doing it on purpose. You had an idea for this chapter days ago but found other things to do instead of writing it. Why? You have another novel idea in mind but you’re refusing to start something new for the sake of finishing the first book.

Writing something you aren’t interested in is like doing an assignment for a class you hate. All you want is to get it done, but you spend more hours staring at that blasted blinking cursor than you do actually writing. Yes, it’s nice to get one project finished before starting a new one but unless you’re tied down to a book contract, what’s the point of writing something you aren’t excited about?

If your passion for the book you’re writing is gone, your audience will be too.

At the Speak Up Conference, I noticed a theme about myself. I have a few books going and others in mind, but there was one I couldn’t stop talking about.

Unfortunately, I have to say, it wasn’t not the one I’ve been editing all summer. But sometimes, what’s on our heart isn’t what we’re currently working on.

My main reasoning for finishing my first novel and getting a solid edited draft was simply for the sake of finishing something. Yes, I had hopes (and still do) that it will be published someday, but now isn’t the time for it.

The bottom line: I’ve decided to set aside the novel I’ve been working on all summer. I may pick it up again in the future but for right now, it’s not where my heart is, and I don’t want to put my flame for writing under water I don’t want to be in.

If we aren’t passionate about what we’re writing, we won’t have anything to keep us going when the process gets hard—and it will be hard! Choosing to set aside a manuscript is difficult, but it’s ultimately worth it if we pick up something we actually enjoy working on.


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