How You Get There

Several years ago, my brother and I got into a conversation about what kind of cars we wanted in the future. He carried on about the specifics (all over my head) and talked about how great he would feel in his dream car.

“I just want something that will get me safely from point A to point B!” I said. “That’s what matters!”

“No,” he replied. “It’s all about the ride.”

I was immediately convicted of the metaphor in play here. Indeed, my focus was on the wrong thing.

Over the years, I’ve heard stories of people getting their “dream jobs” or finally reaching their goals but finding themselves unhappy in the end. Why? There was nothing left to work for.

Day to day life can become routine and feel like it’s starting to drag, but God still has something in it. Life isn’t all about where we’re going. Every day exists for a reason and, from my experience, it’s a lot better when you (prepare for the cliché) live in the moment.

The journey may be long and even painful but there’s something to be learned in it, and it’s worth living.


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